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Adam Jurkovic - creating web pages Prague

Creative Web Agency Jurkix, I started a few years ago, a professional in the field of graphics, programming, but I have been working for 10 years. Still got but what improvements because success comes with work.

Maybe you wondering why the company Jurkix speak in the plural, though here as an individual. It is for this reason that we are more. I also work with several other professionals in our business, together we're a strong team.

We want to offer a complete service in the field of web design, online marketing, graphic design and 3D visualization.

We can do any project, all our efforts, ideas, respect are all for customer satisfaction and uniqueness of each project. We try to fulfill dreams of our clients, helping them to increase profits, reduce costs and get new customers. Our values are creativity, curiosity, propriety, reliability.

If you choose our service, I believe that you will be satisfied with our work.

Adam Jurkovic
CEO & Project Manager

Our clients

All our clients are important to us, exceptional and we're appreciated all of them. Down here, you see a demonstration of the biggest companies we worked for.

Clients of our Internet Agency