Graphic work

graphics, preparation of product photography Prague

We offer a creative approach to your printed materials using many years of experience and using the latest printing technologies, we leave with our verified suppliers print all promotional materials for your company.

Printed promotional materials even today, the Internet and electronic communications are the most effective methods of promoting the sale of goods or services on the market.

In case you already have a graphic design, we offer further processing into final form. What we can do: processing of graphic design, vectorization in case poor quality images or photos, inspection and repair of existing substrates, all typographic work, editing, retouching, and other DTP work.

We also offer processing services (mercantile) printed materials that make up your company identity. The basic mercantile prints are for example Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, business note, blasting blocks etc. Representative supplement to the printed eg. Corporate boards with flaps and cut out the card.

Creation of corporate identity

Made to your requirements will create a new identity
your company We will prepare all the necessary graphic materials and create your company's new graphic manual A company with a complete graphics is the brand of quality and prestige.

  • creating corporate identity (logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, flyers, billboards, car stickers and others)
  • definition of corporate fonts and colors and other elements
  • creating graphic manual

Processing of mercantile printed

We can prepare new graphic materials, process office stationery, promotional materials, packaging, brochures, business cards, billboards, stickers on cars, electronic presentations and other necessary things. Everything we deliver a united visual style and prepare for the printer.

  • unification of the corporate identity
  • processing documents, promotional materials, packaging, and stickers
  • creation of new graphic materials
  • Preparing for Printing

Preparation for product photography

We can take a photo and prepare your company's product quality photos

  • photographic works
  • cut product photos
  • final retouching

Photomontage / retouching

We create graphic bases that will be interesting for your customers

  • provision of documents
  • photographic and graphic work, the final retouching