Online marketing

management of social networks and increasing visitor Prague

Nowadays, it is very important to be seen on the internet. That's why we offer a variety of packages that will attract new customers and help you efficiently sell on the Internet. These services enable you to increase your visit rate and especially your profits.

We'll Bring your websites new customers and teach you how to keep them.

Advantages of online marketing are accurate focused, planning and evaluation of campaigns.
So you have a good overview of an effectiveness. Thanks to the Internet, you can address a large number of people for little money. The popularity of the Internet getting larger and therefore it is necessary to fully exploit the potential of online marketing.

SEO - optimization

We offer consulting your website, analysis of keywords,
creating quality content, building backlinks and long-term management of your site.

  • Getting new customers
  • Improving visibility in search engines
  • Analysis and Keyword
  • Correction of errors in a code
  • Improving your site's content

PPC - increasing visitor

Let the world know through PPC advertising in Google and AdWorks Sklik, get more visitors and effectively sell your brand on the Internet.

  • Increase visit rate
  • Getting new customers
  • The proposal promotional strategy
  • Creating effective campaigns
  • Regular evaluation campaigns

Promotion on social networks

Find out how your company can lead to social networks and learn how to be better and more effectively promote your brand.

  • Creating campaigns
  • Advice on social networks
  • The proposal promotional strategy
  • Analysis of becoming a Campaign
  • Creating profiles on social networks

E-mail marketing

We will create a sophisticated e-mail campaigns that take advantage of the potential of becoming customers and get new customers.
E-mail marketing is among nejvýce effective online marketing.

  • Making meaningful and effective campaigns
  • Reach new customers (in accordance with laws)
  • Again bringing become customers
  • Analysis of becoming Campaign and Zboží.cz

We can help you implement your products e-shop portals or

  • Effective sales on the Internet
  • Addressing new customers
  • Implementation Verified Customer
  • Manage and profiles

Promotion Abroad

We can help you start export your products abroad using the Internet.

  • SEO, PPC campaigns at foreign search engines
  • Reach new customers in the foreign market
  • The proposal promotional strategy
  • Creating effective campaigns

Creation of Flash banners

We will create effective banners to attract new customers to your site.

  • Graphic design banner
  • Programming in Actionscript 3
  • Acquisition of new customers and visitors

PR Writing Articles

We are writing to you PR articles that will successfully promote your brand.

  • We write in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Russian and Polish
  • Publishing articles on the Internet